• Jaclyn Zukerman Delory

The Rotunda: Building A Brand

The Rotunda #210 10/7/19 - Longtime friend of the show Jackie Zukerman Delory is the featured guest tonight, as she catches the audience up on her social media business, and gives insights into how hard it is to build a brand, and a business, from scratch in a brand new city. This is don't-miss stuff right here! 

You're also going to want to hear how Scott compares Senator Sanders to President Trump, and how the Biden campaign could learn a few things about the first amendment. Not to forget Greta Thunberg, Scott also defends the climate change activist from Vladmir Putin's sharp remarks - but did Putin have a point? As is that wasn't enough, he also wades into the latest lawsuits involving the Diocese of Providence and gives his thoughts on how to remedy the situation. 

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